Video: Tesla Berlin-Brandenburg: Open House

Tesla Berlin-Brandenburg: Open House

The official title of this event on Saturday at the gates of Berlin was: County Fair. Which means something like “fair”. It was a kind of “open day” at the new Tesla plant in Grünheide. When issuing tickets, priority was given to locals from the state of Berlin-Brandenburg. And the enthusiasm of the exclusive electric speedster fans was definitely there: “This day is unique. For the first time the Tesla plant in Germany is open to the public. And that is a very special day and I’ve been here since 2014 about a Tesla fan. I ordered my first car in 2016 and yes, that’s why I have to be here. ” “Definitely let’s see the factory tour. What could be done in production now, in order to then perhaps draw a conclusion about whether we might see a first car this year that was produced here. That would be me interested. In any case. Exactly. ” “The very interesting technology in it. How a car is made. How the production steps are. How far that actually is. Familiar faces are from the whole Tesla family.” According to the organizers, up to 27,000 visitors were expected. And some of them once again accepted long queues for a factory tour. There was also plenty of music and spectacle. The so-called gigafactory is not yet perfectly completed. Because the last permits are still missing. And the protests against the location continue, as Manu Hoyer explains in more detail: “Well, what does protest mean. We have set up a table here to point out to the population what kind of environmental disaster is happening here. And have been fighting it since 2019 and have already thrown a lot of sand in the gears, so what you see here is actually a black building. Because all of this takes place without a building permit. And in the end, what is happening here is the greatest environmental catastrophe ever. “Tesla plans that up to 500,000 electric vehicles per year will be built in the Gigafactory in Grünheide. Local politicians expect around 3,000 jobs at the start of production. Around 12,000 could then When the plant is fully utilized, a battery factory is also to be built near this location.


Long queues and many interested visitors could be seen. On Saturday there was the “open day” in Grünheide in the new Tesla plant.


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