VIDEO | Streets closed and homes evacuated in Venlo: possible…

Venlo / Hout-Blerick / Boekend / Steyl / Lomm / Tegelen / Velden / Belfeld / Blerick / Arcen –

The police cordoned off part of the Gebroeders Wienerstraat and Klagenfurtlaan in Venlo on Friday morning because an explosive device may have been found in a car. A number of homes in the immediate vicinity have been evacuated just to be safe.

In Germany, a bomb raid took place last night in Lünen-Süd, just outside Dortmund. An ATM was blown up. Neighbors heard a loud bang and saw three people flee.


After a chase towards the Dutch border, a car with suspected explosives was left behind in Venlo. The police have arrested a suspect, a 31-year-old man from Amsterdam. Two others are still missing.

The police and fire brigade are on site. The Explosives Reconnaissance Team is conducting research. Items used in explosives were seen in the car. The car, a blue VW Golf, is said to have been found using GPS.


Part of a nearby apartment building and some houses have been evacuated. It concerns 65 people, who temporarily have to wait elsewhere for the signal to be safe. Most are taken care of at a garden center nearby.

It would be the blue car

Photo: Le Giesen

VIDEO |  Streets closed and homes evacuated in Venlo: possible explosive in car
Foto: Track’88


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