Video | Spanish party band completes the summer feeling with cool surprise performances in Stad

Video |  Spanish party band completes the summer feeling with cool surprise performances in Stad

You don’t have to look far for the ultimate holiday feeling this weekend. Not only do we have Mediterranean temperatures these days, we also have the Spanish brass band Artistas del Gremio over.

Who the program of the Groningen Brass Experience had followed already knew: the Spanish group Guild Artists gives performances this weekend in several places in the city. So it was a surprise to almost everyone when the festive group showed up at the Vismarkt. A colorful collection of guests from the city Ajea of ​​the Knights who will rock the city with infectious songs, comical dance moves, sexy outfits and a good dose of humour.

Today the group moved from the Stoeldraaiersstraat to the Vismarkt. Here they played a number of songs for the surprised Stadjers who had gathered. The group plays damn tight and pulls all sorts of mischief during the show. The short skirts they wear swing happily around during the pirouettes that are turned. The dance steps are simple, funny and nice and easy to join. It is a pity that the Groningen audience, except for a single cheerful child, remains in a wide arc around it. Apparently it takes a little more to get those Grunnigers loose. Hopefully better tomorrow.


Here the name of the group will not mean much to most, but in Spain these guys are having a good time. For example, they have participated in TV programs, made soundtracks for films and play throughout the country. And now they are here for a weekend. Tomorrow you can still spot them in Stad, and on Sunday they will be on the Rapalje Summer Folk Festival . Enough chance if you still want to swing!

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