Video: SN Live & Direct on January 17: “You can trust the young people”

SN Live & Direct on January 17th

Editor-in-Chief Manfred Perterer discusses the topics that concern young people in Austria with Claudia Plakolm, State Secretary responsible for youth: Matura, compulsory vaccinations, training, climate protection, debt policy, future.

In the SN format “Live and Direct”, State Secretary for Youth Claudia Plakolm advocates making the oral Matura compulsory. “The young people can use this opportunity to show what they’re capable of. We can have confidence in them.” Plakolm defends Education Minister Polaschek’s intention to no longer make the oral matriculation examination voluntary, but to make it compulsory this year. Student representatives have protested against the plan. Good preparation is not possible because of Covid. Plakolm, on the other hand, thinks that the oral exam makes the Matura certificate more comparable with other years. Plakolm refers to numerous measures such as additional support and preparatory courses as well as a precise description of tasks by the teachers. Despite Omikron, the schools should definitely remain open for as long as possible. The permanent testing has helped a lot so far. Problems that arose during the evaluation had to be looked at. It is important that schools are safe places. Open schools are also important for the mental health of young people.

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