(video) Skûtsje Grou strengthens lead with fourth day victory

(video) Skûtsje Grou strengthens lead with fourth day victory

Grou / Video – ‘It Doarp Grou’ with skipper Douwe Azn. After the fourth victory in the SKS competition, Visser is quickly heading for the 2023 championship. Grou has to do very strange things in the last three games (twice at Lemmer and the last at Sneek) in order not to become champion this year.

Heerenveen did good business for second place in the standings on Tuesday August 15 with fifth place, after the skûtsje was fourteenth in the beginning. Lemmer settled for eighth place, after a thrilling finish with Huzum and Akkrum (ninth and tenth).

In this catch-up race, which was fought on an up-and-down track, skûtsje Grou, under skipper Douwe Visser, was victorious. This was already the fourth day victory for Visser, which puts Grou firmly in the lead in the standings. The race started after a false start, with only Lemmer and Sneek leaving too early and having to return across the start line. A protest from Lemmer about the start was honored and resulted in a restart, with De Lemmer eventually finishing eighth.


With 8.6 points, Grou is firmly at the top of the standings. Due to lesser performances by Lemmer and Heerenveen, Grou has the chance to win the championship in the next game. Heerenveen is in second place with 21.9 points, while Lemmer follows in third place with 24.8 points. Skipper Douwe Visser emphasized after the race that the restart did not work in Lemmer’s favor.

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