Video shows unannounced white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

That is striking, because that controller does not officially exist at all. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has been available since 2019, but only in black.

A photo of a white Elite Series 2 controller appeared online last March, but it has been quiet around the accessory since then. However, in July, YouTuber Nicholas Lugo posted a video of him unpacking the controller. The video caught the attention of the general public early this week.

It is not known how Lugo got the controller and whether Microsoft plans to sell the white controller. Fans are speculating that the company may officially unveil the controller at Gamescom at the end of this month.

The Elite Series 2 features interchangeable joysticks and paddles, as well as a button that allows players to quickly switch between three different profiles. It also has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours.


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