VIDEO | SC Heerenveen comes with news from De Toren of…

VIDEO |  SC Heerenveen comes with news from De Toren of…

Andries Noppert
Foto: © Orange Pictures

Andries Noppert will remain a SC Heerenveen player for the time being. The goalkeeper extended his contract on Friday, so that he is now stuck in Friesland until the summer of 2027.

SC Heerenveen announced the news on Friday evening through a projection on the Jouster Toer, a reference to Noppert’s nickname: ‘Tower van de Jouwer’. Ferry de Haan is overjoyed with the extension of the goalkeeper: “What Andries experienced last season is of course unprecedented. The fact that we have now extended his contract is therefore a real bummer for us, as they say so beautifully here in Fryslân. “

“With his quality, he is a decisive player for the team and, as a real Frisian and international, he is also a great signboard for sc Heerenveen,” De Haan responds to the statement. club website. Noppert is also proud. “I have never made a secret of my ambitions, but everyone also knows that I also play here at the club of my dreams.”

“The right step did not come along this summer and so I am now proud to extend my contract. The club wants to continue with me for a long time and I see that as a nice compliment. I am happy that there is now clarity about my future and I look forward to it to perform to the maximum again this season,” said the goalkeeper.


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