VIDEO REPORTAGE. Fire of a factory in Pamiers: “It is very worrying” confide the confined residents

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The city center of Pamiers was confined all morning this Friday, September 10, in order to prevent any toxic fumes caused by the fire at the Aubert & Duval factory (specializing in industrial ironwork).

“End of the alert! End of confinement!” The alert message from the police, launched on the megaphone from their vehicle, echoed in a loop on the Place de la République shortly before noon on Friday. For about three hours, all the inhabitants of downtown Pamiers had been confined to their homes. All morning, the businesses remained closed, and many questioning faces appeared behind the windows. The very few passers-by walked quickly, their masks pressed to their faces.

Since the start of the fire at the Aubert & Duval factory this morning at 6:50 am, the city has curled up on itself. In the deserted streets, only the police were present, urging the few citizens present outside to return to shelter and not to come out until further notice. A pungent odor hangs in the air, as little charred bits regularly land on the sidewalk.

Charred pieces are visible on the sidewalks of the city center.
DDM – M. Haussy

These unidentified projections worry a pharmacist in the city center: “This morning, we heard the sirens ringing. We were not informed about the possible danger of the situation, it’s a shame, she confides, an FFP2 mask on her face. My pharmacy is closed, I am calling my clients to cancel scheduled vaccination appointments. It is very disturbing. We do not know what burned, what are the toxic fumes that were released from the factory … “

The deserted streets of Pamiers.

The deserted streets of Pamiers.
DDM – M. Haussy

Not far from there, five employees of the Crédit Mutuel agency take their troubles patiently, in their premises. The team leader, François Barrousse, comes to get information from the police. “I trust the authorities. If it had been more dangerous, they would not have let me go into the city center this morning, he said. We are waiting for the directives of the competent authorities. It must be fine but Pamiers is deserted, it’s paradoxical! We are reliving confinement, in a way. ”

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