VIDEO PG team at Buurtzorg

VIDEO PG team at Buurtzorg

Staying in your own environment for as long as possible, thanks to home care.

What does that mean: home care. You may need it temporarily after an operation or due to illness, but there are also situations that are chronic and where you can continue to live in your own home with some help.

There are several home care agencies in Haaksbergen, we visited Buurtzorg.

Buurtzorg works with small, self-managing teams that work closely with general practitioners. They provide assistance with personal care and technical nursing activities. Together with the client and carer, we look at what kind of care is needed. This was also the case with Mrs. Wissink and her daughter, where the caregiving tasks for the daughter became increasingly difficult. By providing home care, the mother-daughter relationship has been restored.

In addition to the 3 regular home care teams and a special team that focuses on caring for and supporting people with memory problems and their loved ones, Buurtzorg also has a hospice in Haaksbergen: Het Buurtzorghuis. Here people who are terminally ill are nursed until they die.

For more information, go to the facebook page of the pg team of van Buurtzorg Haaksbergen

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Camera: Johnny Nassar and Constance van Wolferen
Interview: Constance van Wolferen
Editing: Constance van Wolferen
A production of RTV Sternet

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