[VIDEO] Pérols: Meeting concerning attacks against elected officials and the management of aggression

Pérols, September 9. Physical attacks, insults, death threats, the object of the meeting room Yves Abric, this Thursday concerned attacks against elected officials. Frédéric Roig, president of the mayors of Hérault were present with the entire office of the AMF34.

The AMF considers that physical and verbal violence towards local elected officials are certainly underestimated, because many mayors do not systematically go so far as to complain. In 2020, around 1,300 attacks on elected officials were observed. Jean-Pierre Rico, mayor of Pérols and adviser of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is one of the victims of attacks in 2021. He filed a complaint for “Death threat to a person holding public authority.” “ His hearing is postponed to December 9.

AMF President François Baroin and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin wrote to the 35,000 mayors urging them to take training. Training with around 350 negotiators from the gendarmerie who were trained by the GIGN negotiation unit to set up sessions for elected officials and to teach mayors “To relieve the pressure,” when they are taken to task.

Four senators were present in this round table in Pérols, Henri Cabanel, Jean-Pierre Grand, Hussein Bourgi, and Christian Bilhac represented by Annie Couderc Moneron. We could also note the presence of Patricia Mirallès, Member of Parliament for the 1st district of Hérault who received last July, a death threat sent two days after Emmanuel Macron’s speech on the establishment of a pass sanitary. Fabrice Belargent, prosecutor of Montpellier, Caroline Fleuriot, in charge of missions of partnership relations of the Parquet and Hugues Moutouh, prefect of Hérault were also among the guests.

[VIDEO] Interview with Frédéric Roig, president of the mayors of Hérault, Jean-Pierre Rico, mayor of Pérols and adviser of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, and Hussein Bourgi, senator of Hérault:

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