Video of corona denier goes viral – woman loses her job

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A corona denier from the USA lost her job at SAP. © Uwe Anspach / dpa / screenshot / Twitter

Walldorf / Lincoln – An unbelievable incident in the USA is currently going viral. A corona denier without a mask coughs at people. The woman worked at SAP – until the company reacted.

A video from the US is currently going viral on social media. It shows a woman who goes shopping without a mask and deliberately coughs at people. The corona denier is said to have molested a mother and her child afterwards. The case is making waves as far as Germany – because the woman works for the company SAP. She is now experiencing consequences for her behavior. What exactly happened reveals HEIDELBERG24*.

Name SAP
founding April 1, 1972, Weinheim
CEO Christian Klein (10 Oct. 2019–)
head office Walldorf

SAP: Video of corona denier goes viral – she works for companies from Walldorf

“My daughter had this experience in Lincoln, Nebraska. She followed them and spat at them, ”reports a user on Twitter. Below is a cell phone video that is said to have been shot in a supermarket in the United States. You can see a woman without a mask – although there is also a mask requirement there – who is approached by other customers. The woman then begins to cough loudly and noticeably, walking towards the other people.

She claims that this is due to an allergy. Another short clip shows how the American walks up to the filming woman, coughing and apparently making fun of it. “Two years ago, before everyone started talking about Covid, she wouldn’t have had a problem with that,” she says into the camera.

SAP employee from USA coughs at customers – and is fired

According to the Twitter user, the mask refuser is said to have followed his wife and 13-year-old daughter through the store. She also failed to comply with the employees’ requests to leave the shop. It is not known whether the police have been called or there have been legal consequences for the corona denier. However, the woman cannot get out of the matter entirely unscathed.

The video goes viral on TikTok and Twitter, whereupon the woman is recognized. According to the American media, it is said to be Janene H., who works for the company SAP. In addition to a huge shitstorm on social media, her employer also became aware of the clip and announced on Twitter that she would “take the incident involving a SAP employee very seriously and investigate”. Shortly afterwards, the company with its headquarters in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, announced that the “person in question no longer works for SAP”. At the request of HEIDELBERG24 *, a SAP spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that the woman from the video was an employee of SAP until Wednesday.”

SAP employee: “Karen” video is not an isolated incident

Unfortunately, such incidents do not seem to be an isolated incident in the United States. Under hashtags such as “Karen” or “Karensgonewild”, numerous videos can be seen in which women make a big riot in supermarkets, do not wear masks, deny Corona or attack themselves first and then stage themselves as victims. The name “Karen” is used in the USA – and now also in Germany – as a description for white, privileged women who have to constantly complain because of their dissatisfaction and who always rate their rights higher than that of everyone else.

Especially in the time of Corona it seems to have increased that some people speak out publicly against masks, vaccinations or the virus and believe that they are above the law. In Germany such behavior is more likely to occur Watching demonstrations by lateral thinkers. (ie) * HEIDELBERG24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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