Video.. Nella, the “amazing baby”, raises her head and tries to crawl at the age of 3 days

Video.. Nella, the “amazing baby”, raises her head and tries to crawl at the age of 3 days

In a strange and rare incident, a newborn baby girl began to raise her head and lie on her stomach in an attempt to crawl just three days after her birth, amidst the astonishment of her mother, who documented this incident through a video clip that was widely circulated on social media, educate me and the details.

The amazing baby raises her head and tries to crawl at 3 days old

Mrs. Samantha Mitchell, from White Oak, Pennsylvania, documented those amazing moments while the baby, Nella Dice Tsabari, lay on her stomach, made some sounds, and raised her head to look around her, trying to crawl. The video also shows the shock of the mother as she Her mother asks, “Is this normal?” Before the latter answered, “No, she is three days old.”

Samantha (34 years old) confirmed that she filmed the incident in the hospital when the child was two and a half days old because she knew that no one would believe what happened without video documentation, expressing her surprise because her daughter continued to try to crawl for a full minute.

The baby “Nila” is standing at the age of 3 months

Nella’s surprises did not stop at this point, as Samantha confirmed that her daughter had been able to roll over on her stomach and back at the age of 18 days, and she also tried to talk at the age of one and a half months. At three months she has begun to stand up with some support, noting that she is shocked every day by the strength of her baby, who may start to walk so early.

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The normal age for a crawl is 9 months

The mother of the “amazing child” commented on the incident, revealing that she had been working as a babysitter for most of her life and currently has 20 years of experience in dealing with children, but she had never seen anything like this before, and Samantha indicated that the way “Nila” raised her head while she was babbling It left her “in complete shock”.

It is noteworthy that the average age of a child at the beginning of attempts to crawl, according to scientific estimates, is approximately nine months, which indicates that the amazing child, Nabla, is ahead of time and shortens the stages very quickly.


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