VIDEO – Michel Drucker touched: back in Strongly Sunday, he talks about his operation

VIDEO – Michel Drucker touched: back in Strongly Sunday, he talks about his operation

Victim of health concerns, and more specifically of heart problems, Michel Drucker had disappeared from the antennas of France Télévisions for many months. This Sunday, August 27, the 80-year-old host signed the big return of his cult show, Can’t wait for Sunday. And the least we can say is that he received a welcome worthy of his fight. The audience on set gave the producer a memorable standing ovation. Thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much. Thank you for your welcome which goes straight to my heart”, indicated Michel Drucker, ému.

Upset, Michel Drucker briefly returned to his long period of convalescence, marked by the lack of contact with his public. “A heart that beats a little faster today, because I’ve been waiting for this for so long“, he continued, before warmly thanking his fans and his teams. “Thank you for your encouragement and for supporting me during these long months. I’m happy to be here.” At the same time, it must be said that the host almost said goodbye to his career because of his health problems. “There are times, I was wondering if I was going to see this beautiful set that I love so much again one day“, he concluded.

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Michel Drucker back on television: his doctor imposed a condition

Even though the show aired this Sunday, August 27, it was recorded five days earlier. A historic shoot to which The Parisian was lucky enough to attend. Our colleagues were able to learn a little more behind the scenes of the return of Michel Drucker. A return which has in particular been authorized by the doctor of the principal concerned, on one condition:May it not be the heat wave on the set”has indicated The Parisian. At the same time, the star host was also monitored very closely by a health professional. During filming, a caregiver would have it “watched all along”.

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Photo credits: Capture – France 3

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