Video: Merkel: “We will not forget this flood”

Merkel: “We will not forget this flood”

Seven weeks after the devastating flood, Chancellor Angela Merkel was back in the Ahr Valley on Friday. During her visit to Altenburg, she – together with the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer – again got an idea of ​​the situation on site. On the night of July 14th to 15th, the water was almost 10 meters high in the streets, a number of houses were destroyed – most of which are still standing are uninhabitable. Merkel and Dreyer talked to people in a new development area and at a retirement home, among other things. Merkel said after her tour that she had heard of difficult fates. And one message was important to her: The regions affected by the flood and those who live there should not be forgotten: “This visit is of course also a sign of the firm will that we from the federal government cooperate with the affected states, Rhineland-Palatinate But also North Rhine-Westphalia, working together. And wanting to do what we can at all. Because those who are affected have it all the more difficult. ” The federal and state governments had agreed on a fund worth 30 billion euros to finance reconstruction in the flood areas. According to Merkel, the flood aid fund is to be passed by the Bundestag in the coming week. The Chancellor had already been in the flood zone on July 18, including in the heavily damaged town of Schuld an der Ahr. She had promised help to the people affected. And promised to come back to the Ahr. Merkel kept this promise on Friday.


Almost seven weeks after her first visit to the flood-damaged Ahr Valley, Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to the disaster area again.

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