Video: Merkel and Laschet are pushing for digitization

Merkel and Laschet are pushing for digitization

Angela Merkel (CDU), Chancellor: “For example, we are not there enough …, good enough at allowing and promoting innovations. We urgently need to improve. I could now write a longer story about our agency’s restrictions on Telling leap innovations where exactly that is not allowed. And that is not up to the CDU and the CSU, if I can talk about this out of the box. ” Armin Laschet (CDU), Union candidate for Chancellor: “I checked it out. When Angela Merkel became Chancellor, Netflix sent DVDs by post. That’s no joke. Today I can no longer imagine a young person because it’s the shape that exist today, didn’t exist. Won’t they say what happened in the 16 years? Something happens all the time. It will never stop. And it will also after the next chancellorship, so in 16 years, it will there will also be something new to move after … “How do you win the countries? And you have to do that carefully. Angela Merkel has learned that for a long time. If you do it too brutally, you have 16 to zero against you. And then nothing happens again. So to know where is the mutual chance and how do you get a new story together … That wasn’t an admission of guilt on my part, Angela, it was just a description. “


The CDU and CSU have presented a 25-point plan to advance digitization in Germany in the coming legislative period.


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