Video: Merel Ek gets hot from extremely spicy story during Today Inside

Video: Merel Ek gets hot from extremely spicy story during Today Inside

René van der Gijp has another special story to tell and Merel Ek gets very hot from it.

Merel Ek gets very hot at the restart Inside today

The gentlemen of VI are back. And they come right with a bang. Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp are clearly not planning to slow down the new season. That became particularly clear during René’s last story. He also managed to make Merel Ek, who normally doesn’t look or blush, burst into laughter. The pretty reporter is normally used to a joke from the gentlemen. But René’s story moved in such a strange direction that she eventually just gave herself over to it. Now René van der Gijp is also a very good storyteller. And although the stories are sometimes a bit weak, you secretly have to laugh about them, just like Merel Ek. But what then got René Merel Ek under the table laughing?

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René has another good story, this time about tantra

You know when you go VI sees that the gentlemen occasionally make the strangest trips in their stories. Even now, that turns out to be all too true. René van der Gijp is allowed to share his experiences with tantra halfway through. And that culminates in a grandiose story, in which he gets the whole studio laughing. After stories of procrastination and lying on extended tables, even Merel Ek can’t hold it in anymore. She bursts out laughing and can’t keep her face straight from then on.

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René is quite open towards Merel Ek

The handsome blonde has to correct René a number of times in his story, but luckily that doesn’t spoil the fun. René suddenly becomes very frank towards Merel. And that of course makes for a very good story. Wilfred therefore decides to end with “if you need to know something Merel, then you should go to René.” The pretty blonde can only agree. And how did René like his tantra day? He could laugh about it, although he was concerned about the parking meter that kept running. It had only been on for an hour. Johan Derksen immediately joins in: “When you reach my age René, you better buy a day ticket.” By this he means the time that the ladies of the tantra need with him.

The gentlemen of VI are back again

The men, and part-time women like Merel Ek, van VI are back in full swing. The popular program only seems to feel the effects of its substitute The Orange Summer. People liked that program so much that there is now a lot of bullshit about the faintness of the three men. But they will undoubtedly make up for that in the third half.


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