VIDEO – Martin Blachier, future Minister of Health? Pascal Praud teases him live

In pro time, broadcast this Monday, May 16, Pascal Praud had fun asking Martin Blachier if he saw himself taking the place of Olivier Véran at the Ministry of Health.

This Monday, May 16 in the morning, Martin Blachier was on the set of the show pro time, broadcast on CNews. The opportunity for the public health doctor to take stock of the evolution of the health crisis, but also to give his opinion on the lifting of the wearing of the compulsory mask in public transport. Pascal Praudfor his part, also allowed himself a small remark towards his columnist.

“Well, what time are you going to find out that you are Minister of Health?” he asked his interlocutor. Laughing nervously, Martin Blachier cut short the speculation of the TV host. “Don’t, don’t, don’t …”, he replied. Not enough to convince Pascal Praud, who tried to find out more: “You haven’t been contacted?” To which the doctor replied in the negative, nevertheless assuring that he “knows the serious candidates” to obtain the post of Olivier Véran following the next cabinet reshuffle. “There are plenty of people. There are about ten profiles that are available in the press”, he said, believing that it is not up to him “to give the names”.

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His secrets about his relationship with the government

This is not the first time that Martin Blachier has spoken of the possibility of one day joining Emmanuel Macron’s government. On March 10, he published his first book, titled Mega Mess – Secret History of the Pandemic. In his book, he then revealed that during confinement, he had sent a document in which he highlighted the “different deconfinement scenarios in the Prime Minister’s Office”, but also to the Ministry of Health. It was then that Clément Lazarus, the assistant to the deputy director of monitoring and health security, offered him “to speak to whom it may concern”, by offering him the possibility “to be remunerated” for it. The public health doctor, for his part, refused, explaining that he wanted to remain a volunteer. The government then did not take his manuscript seriously, refusing to read it…

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