VIDEO: Jim Hok about reactions after son’s performance in College Tour

Jim Hok, chairman of the Surinamese political party PALU and former minister of Natural Resources (NH) in Suriname, responded on Saturday by means of the video message below to the reactions that came loose after the performance of his son Ferayed Hok in the TV program College Tour. .

According to Hok, his son, who studies medicine at Erasmus University and is a freelance journalist, only asked a few simple questions in discussion with the president of Suriname. He confronted the head of state with it, for not living up to his own statements about fighting nepotism.

Jim Hok says that afterwards – apparently from political parties – there was a response consisting of vulgar language, name-calling and death threats against his son.

According to him, accusations were subsequently made against him on social media, about the period that he was minister of NH. It was stated that Hok was on a large scale would have committed fraud.

“People have been throwing all kinds of nonsense into space and claiming things that are not true. Before you pass on something like that, check whether it is correct,” says Hok. According to him, it is fake information that has not been verified. He calls on people to always check allegations and suspicions first.

The video message:

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