VIDEO. “I can go up to 140 km/h”: 20 riders compete in an electric scooter competition

VIDEO.  “I can go up to 140 km/h”: 20 riders compete in an electric scooter competition

This is “a world first. In Angerville in Essonne, an approved electric scooter race was organized this Sunday, July 16 on the Anthoine Hubert international circuit. An unprecedented event because “under the aegis of the French Motorcycling Federation”, explains Éric Sévère, one of the organizers. “It is multi-brand and general public. Everyone can come with their scooter. There have been other championships, but private, single brand. »

Enough to delight lovers of scooters and speed. 23 competitors came from the Paris region, Lyon, Angers and even Switzerland. They started the competition with qualifying practice, then four races in the afternoon.

For Mathilde, a 30-year-old nurse, athletic at heart, “it’s very physical in the arms and thighs. We work muscles that are not used to it, we bend a lot. Afterwards, I still have aches. It’s a matter of technique, and endurance. You have to hold the four races. »

And between each challenge, you have to recharge the scooter, cool the engine… “Some people put ice cubes on it because if the engine overheats, it shuts down. But you also have to rest. “You have to drink a lot of water,” advises Mathilde. “I ride a motorcycle, but that has nothing to do with it. In terms of sensations, it reminds me of windsurfing. We have this same sensation of sliding, of freedom. You must try ! »

Participating in its races also has a cost. Nicolas, one of the participants, for example spent nearly 12,000 euros for his racing car, which can “reach up to 140 km/h at full speed. With more than 759,000 scooters sold in France in 2022 alone, according to the Federation of Micromobility Professionals (FPMM), this new discipline could appeal to many scooter owners. Watch our video report at the top of the article.

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