VIDEO. “I am never contemptuous”: Emmanuel Macron rejects criticism by conceding to be “tough on evil”

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Guest of TF1’s 8 p.m., Emmanuel Macron responded to the criticism of certain French people and political opponents who accuse him of being “contemptuous”.

“I am never contemptuous (…) Those who really despise the French are those who lie to them. And on the lie, the extremes are much better!” This Monday, May 15, Emmanuel Macron gave an interview for TF1’s 8 p.m. and answered a question about a criticism that many French people addressed to him, he would be contemptuous. And his answer was very clear.

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“I am hard at times sometimes. Yes.”

“It’s an adjective that the extremes have had against me, which has been taken up. Me, I have never seen someone who says to me ‘you are contemptuous’. Sometimes, I am told ‘You are too hard, you are too determined, too energetic'”, he explained. “I have always told French women and men the truth. I have always gone into contact and I am sometimes hard on evil. Yes. But contemptuous, I reject it.”

Emmanuel Macron therefore assured “to challenge” this word of contemptuous “because we do not go into contact as I have been going since I have been involved in political life, when we have contempt for people. When we have to contempt, who cares”.

“I would think of my apple”

“Real contempt is lying to people. Real contempt is that,” he continued. “In the position where I am, if I really despised the French and the French, I would not try to speak to collective intelligence and do what is good for the country, I would think of my apple”.

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