VIDEO – Hugues Aufray upset: his confidences on the suicide of his brother

the singer Hugues Aufray experienced a tragedy when he was only 25 years old: the suicide of his brother. Guest on the set of Time for pros (CNews) on December 16, the singer confided in his late elder who has done so much for him and for his career.

At 92, the interpreter of Santiano continues to hold the bar. Present on the set of l’Pro hour (CNews) Thursday, December 16, Hugues Aufray looked back on his career, but also on his personal life marked in particular by the disappearance of his big brother who killed himself at the age of 27: “My life has been shattered.“To Pascal Praud, the singer-songwriter born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1929 declared that this beloved brother has played multiple roles in his life:”My father having divorced, I did not have a dad. This is my brother, who was a year older than me and twenty centimeters more, who raised me.”

Full of admiration, Hugues Aufray thus praised this member of his family who also had a pronounced taste for the musical world: “He had a splendid voice, a natural voice, an opera voice. He studied conducting, he should have made a global career.“It is also thanks to this outstanding figure that Hugues Aufray was put on the path of song and never left it:”In fact, I became a professional singer through a transfer, because I was absolutely not determined to do that. […] I was not a born songwriter.”

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Disappeared for love

Hugues Aufray also inherited the poetry and romanticism that animated his brother. It is besides the sensitive side of the personality of the latter which will have got the better of him as revealed the interpreter of Stand up guys in an interview with Paris Match in 2020: “My brother, who had a dramatic nature, who lived in Wagner’s mind, committed suicide for love.”

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