VIDEO. Haute-Garonne: kittens saved from the dumpster in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze

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During their tour on Tuesday February 22 in the village of Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze, garbage collectors saved 5 kittens from their garbage truck in extremis. The animals were enclosed in a plastic bag.

The information, from a video posted on a social network, would have softened less than it would have scandalized. We see garbage collectors on duty, that of Tuesday, the only day for collecting household waste in the town of Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze. The agents of the community of communes of Volvestre have already thrown a few bags into the dumpster of their garbage truck, when they suddenly hear mewings coming from the very dumpster in activity. Immediately, one of them rushes over, climbs over the truck’s step and manages to remove a plastic bag from which the meows come from.

While his colleague is filming the scene (since its beginning…), the agent who has come down from the dumpster tries, not without difficulty, to open the bag with the help of a knife, the meows increasing! “Oh…I can’t believe it!” he exclaims when he sees one, then two, three, four, five and even six kittens curled up on top of each other! “The poor,” sighs the garbage collector, more horrified than tender. The video does not film the surroundings of the scene, one of the municipal roads of Saint-Sulpice we suppose…

The video was quickly seen and commented on numerous times, arousing the indignation of Internet users, animal defenders or not, some even promising to find the authors of this “disgusting abandonment”. Knowing that in the story, one of the kittens died, the 5 others having recovered, bottle-fed by their savior and his family (another video in support).

Joint, the “environment” service of the community of communes of Volvestre, to which the heroic garbage collector belongs, did not respond to our requests.

For a number of people, animals remain objects that can be disposed of in the trash. Faced with this cynicism, and these inhuman acts, we measure the importance of fighting for animal dignity.

❤ Thank you to the garbage collectors of Paris for saving these kittens.

“The League of Animals?” (@LeagueOfAnimals) February 26, 2022


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