VIDEO | Haha! Van Wolfswinkel throws Oosting into the…

VIDEO |  Haha!  Van Wolfswinkel throws Oosting into the…

Ricky van Wolfswinkel throws Joseph Oosting into the water
Photo: © Screenshot FC Twente

At FC Twente, the mood is very good after reaching the second preliminary round of the Conference League. The club from Enschede stayed in Sweden for a while on Friday.

The selection of trainer Joseph Oosting trained in Bosön and encountered water there. Atmosphere maker Ricky van Wolfswinkel came up with the idea of ​​pushing his trainer into the water with clothes on, although the striker himself also jumped. “From trainer at RKC, to Stockholm in the sea”, FC Twente writes.

Before the fresh dive, a final training was scheduled in Sweden. Later that day the plane was caught and FC Twente is now back on Dutch soil.

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