[Vidéo] Georges Arhiman known as The Meeting of the Excluded

[Vidéo] Georges Arhiman known as The Meeting of the Excluded


“They take me for an idiot”… At 68, Georges Arhiman knows himself well and knows the world around him well. It’s true that he sometimes speaks awkwardly, quickly, with amazing images. But still, he speaks true. His story is a revolt. Images scroll by, ideas collide. He says The Reunion of the Excluded.

Georges Arhiman has seen and experienced so much that once started, you can’t stop it. 40 years ago, he found himself unemployed and became (hyper)active. With his team of the GCA (Grouping of the active unemployed) he invented all sorts of plans and tricks to get out of it.

In the first half hour of the interview, he recounts his many experiences which already foreshadowed public actions for social cohesion. He will be led to join the national movement of the unemployed (19′). He will even try the political adventure by putting together a list for the regional elections of 2004 (22′).

This skinned man has never ceased to see segregation as a constant in Reunionese society. So he criticizes the local politicians, the “bosses”, and all those who profit from the system. The most assisted are not the poorest… All that, he wrote it down. In particular in the book of the National movement of the unemployed and precarious prefaced by Ken Loach: Precarious unemployment: stop misconceptions! . (34’)

He defends the unemployed against the idea that the population has become lazy. He denounces a “government allergic to the poor” and deputies who would only be “suitcase carriers”. (56′)

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He challenges Jean-Hugues Ratenon who, like him, started by defending the cause of the unemployed and who would above all be “an actor”. (1h02′) He also talks about the media under the pressure of local subsidies and announces his desire to return, “like in the good old days”, to carry his revolutionary message. (1h14)

Good listening

Frank Cellier


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