Video game gift ideas: our Christmas selection for Nintendo Switch!

Game news Video game gift ideas: our Christmas selection for Nintendo Switch!

Christmas is fast approaching and it is soon time to wrap your presents to slip them under the tree. For video game lovers around you, here is a selection of 8 Nintendo Switch gift ideas that are sure to please them.

The Switch party-game for Christmas: Mario Party Superstars

Last party-game of the Mario family, Mario Party Superstars includes more than a hundred mini-games from all episodes of the series, including the Nintendo 64. Playable alone or in local and online multiplayer, the main mode invites you to revisit the game boards of the first trilogy Mario Party in joy and good humor. The opportunity, for example, to tread the lands of the Tropical Island of Yoshi, a place with a paradisiacal atmosphere sheltering watermelons, melons and other juicy oranges in abundance. You will also find the succulent Birthday Cake of Peach or in a more sinister atmosphere, the Land of Horror. The game takes place like a real Goose Game where each player must roll their dice, participate in small trials and win a certain number of coins to buy as many Stars as possible, the latter being the key to victory. A game rated 15/20 in our columns for its formula that suits the Nintendo Switch so well.

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The Pokémon game to offer: Sparkling Diamond Pokémon / Sparkling Pearl

Latest iteration of the great Pokémon family, Sparkling Diamond Pokémon / Sparkling Pearl is a fourth generation remake, set in the Sinnoh region. 150 creatures await you on the menu of a program that will occupy you between 35h and 40h, without forgetting the activities to unlock after the end of the adventure. It will be a question of selecting your first ally among Tortipouss, Ouisticram and Tiplouf and to constitute the best team of Pokémon to triumph over the formidable League. This is a great opportunity to rediscover the classic Pokémon formula. The game inherited the score of 15/20 for its still well-oiled mechanics, its fluid adventure and its few well-felt new features. You can also count on a common thread that is pleasant to follow and a varied adventure.

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Family Marvel for your Switch: Guardians of the Galaxy

Single-player adventure game featuring all of the eponymous cosmic heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy offers an original story. Star-Lord, the leader, Gamora, Thanos’ daughter, Drax the Destroyer as well as Rocket Racoon and Groot team up twelve years after a destructive war waged by the Chitauri, aliens who make up Loki’s army. Tired of living on odd jobs, the small team decides to capture a rare creature to resell it at a high price to a collector, Lady Hellbender. Eventually caught up by the galactic police, The Guardians have three days to get their hands on a large sum of money in order to avoid jail. Rated 16/20, the game benefits from a more engaging team than ever, often effective humor and fluid combat thanks to the mobility of Star-Lord and the skills of the Guardians. In addition, count on a good lifespan for a linear single-player game and a soundtrack filled with classics.

  • Platforms: PC PS4 PS5 ONE Xbox Series Switch

The adaptation of cult comics into video games: Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All!

Freshly published by Microids, Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! invites us to find the irreducible Gauls in a 2D beat’em up designed in the vein of a Streets of Rage. This new video game adaptation of Goscinny and Uderzo’s legendary comic book series illustrates the emblematic environments of the saga in the grip of hordes of Romans. The hand-drawn decorations are the work of Philippe Dessoly, author of the Mr. Nutz and Toki games. Lovers of challenges will find their account in parallel in the Free mode, accessible once the story is completed through its 50 levels. We gave the game a score of 16/20, in particular for its artistic direction which hits the mark, its well-found balance between strategy and release, or even its cooperation mode which changes the experience.

  • Platforms: PC PS4 ONE Switch

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La licence Nintendo Switch iconique : The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword

HD port of a great classic, The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword HD invites us to find Link, flying on Célestrier’s back. In this episode, the hero must fight evil forces in order to once again save Princess Zelda. This Switch version includes a handful of improvements like the ability to play entirely with buttons without using Joy-Con movements. Also count on a more comfortable experience with overall enhanced textures and a game that runs at 60 FPS constantly. Rated 16/20 in our columns, in our opinion the game offers an adventure that is still just as enchanting, which takes on its full extent in its second part. We also recognize him fantastic dungeons, well thought out puzzles as well as several moments of anthology.

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For lovers of Metroidvania on Switch: Metroid Dread

This year, the dreaded Samus made her comeback in Metroid Dread. This episode, published almost 20 years after its predecessor Metroid Fusion, plants its frame on the planet ZDR where the heroine goes following the reception of a strange video transmission. She will quickly have to face a mechanical threat. This Metroidvania mixes action, platforming and exploration in a 2D open world. Samus, equipped with his trusty cannon, is able to develop new powers and regularly discover new shortcuts. His main attack is a beam of energy that can vaporize his opponents. Rated 18/20 on JV, the game inherits a perfectly balanced difficulty, a beautiful fluidity of the fights and a very appreciable tension.

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The gift of creatives on Switch: The Video Game Workshop on Switch

The Video Game Workshop is a creation game on Nintendo Switch, freshly released this year 2021. Its Lesson mode allows you to learn the basic visual programming step by step with the help of many interactive tutorials that focus on a myriad of concepts. Overall, we remember that scripting in video games has never been explained so well. As for the Free mode, you can let your creativity speak, program and share your creations. You have the possibility to invest yourself in a beautiful palette of genres between racing, puzzle-game, skill, shoot’em up and party-game. Noted 15/20 in our columns, we estimate that the game is “a good edutainment software that teaches the fundamentals of game design and scripting with panache“.

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