Video. For the second time in three days, firefighters rescue a dog stuck on a ledge

“Don’t call him,” said a passerby to onlookers. If he turns around, he falls. Two schoolgirls watching the show were petrified: “Poor guy, he must be lost up there. It’s horrible if he falls. I do not want to see that. »

“The windows are very high”

Alerted, the municipal police secured the intersection before the arrival of the firefighters. Once there, it took them no more than five minutes to deploy their basket and pick up 6-year-old Fainn safe and sound. Two days earlier, the animal had already had to be rescued under the same conditions.

Very embarrassed by the inconvenience caused, Fainn’s owner did not understand how he was able to open the gable window again. “The windows are very high. I’m going to buy additional closures, ”testified the young woman, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“Labradors are curious, but normally they don’t walk on rooftops”

“I didn’t think he would do that again. I leave him water, food and before going to work, I walk him for two hours every morning. Fainn is always very adventurous,” acknowledged his mistress. “Everyone in Périgueux knows her. She walks Fainn every day at 6 a.m., ”added a friend, who came to comfort her.

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