VIDEO. For Kara, Guyanese dancer: “dancing is obvious.” [Outre-mer danse]

VIDEO.  For Kara, Guyanese dancer: “dancing is obvious.” [Outre-mer danse]

As far back as she can remember, dancing has always been part of Kara’s life. This young dancer, of Amerindian Palikur origin, has created her own style by combining traditional dance with hip-hop and dancehall influences.

Kara, 27, comes from Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock, a small town located on the left bank of the Oyapock River which marks the border between Guyana and Brazil. Dancing has always been part of the young woman’s life of Native American Palikur descent who, dFrom an early age, practices traditional dance with his family. Kara’s childhood was rocked by traditional Guyanese music; at the slightest soundshe wanted to get moving.

As a teenager, she discovered hip-hop and dancehall dance through social networks. Dancehall is also part of its identity. She found her style since she combines it with traditional dance.
Dancing is essential for her, thanks to it, she can escape. As soon as she dances, she forgets all her worries.

A connection to nature

Attached to her environment and to Guyana, it is on the Salines beach, closer to nature, that Kara refocuses.

Kara meditates daily

For the one who grew up in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the elements are fundamental for her balance. Kara likes to go to the Salines beach where, after a meditation session, she gives free rein to her creativity. From a sound and a traditional dance step, she creates movements that are unique to her.
Kara’s singularity lies in a clever mix of genres. His way of dancing is very influenced by hip-hop with dancehall and afro influences.

My roots influence me on many things, it’s what allows me to move forward in what I do.

Being connected to one’s culture and one’s roots and knowing where one comes from is essential for Kara. She has given herself the mission of perpetuating her cultural heritage and transmitting her passion and her art. She has been teaching dance for two years now. His first pupils were the young people of his village.

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Kara breaks down a gesture for her students.

Kara joins her crew with whom she will shoot a new clip on the Place des Palmistes in Cayenne. Sone group is like a second family. The video, which will be recorded that evening, is intended for social networks. Kara knows the importance of a social media presence for young dancers in the territory. She is fully aware of the power of these media to get noticed and who knows, find herself part of a big project! She hopes to see her crew evolve, to be able to make them travel and make themselves known.

Nothing stops Kara and her crew

That evening, despite the rain that comes to the meeting, Kara and her crew will keep their motivation intact. Nothing stops their desire to dance.

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Writing and production: Sarah Almosnino
Production : 909 Productions
Duration : 10 minutes – © 2023


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