Video. Follow our Facebook Live, doctors answer your questions about vaccination for 12-17 year olds

The Back to School handed the vaccination of 12-17 year olds in the center of debates. And in a few minutes, a doctors tray reunited for a special session of the Facebook Live of Corse-Matin will answer and directly to all your questions on the subject.

The formula is known

An interview between the editorial staff and its guests, then the questions of Internet users asked on the fly, and live responses from the speakers, all broadcast on the page Corse-Matin Facebook and on the site

The themes that will be addressed

For this session organized in partnership with the Regional Health Agency, the Corsican academic region, and the Ajaccio hospital center, four guests who sweep the entire spectrum of the debate: the medical with vaccination, the regulatory with the protocols put in place. work in national education, health and finally with the deployment of measures and campaigns to counter the pandemic.

The guests

On the set as well, are present the doctors Edeline Coinde, pediatrician-practitioner at the Ajaccio hospital center, head of the pediatrics department, head of the woman-mother-child center, Marie Pedulla, liberal pediatrician, Sylvie Ferrara, medical adviser to the rector and Jean-Louis Wyart, director of public health at the ARS.

Interact with guests and the editorial staff starting at 10:45 a.m.

The start of classes yesterday showed that this new school year was accompanied by scrupulously implemented protocols. The school has been adapting for three cycles now, to the presence of the virus, with the ultimate objective of not causing a break in education. Vaccination, and the importance it takes in these systems, can legitimately appeal to young people and parents.

This Facebook Live and its participants will simply try to shed light on the issues and raise the questions.

A real-time debate that begins to 10 h 45 on Facebook and on our website. Join us and ask all your questions!

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