Video: Efteling reopens Dream Flight after fire in Elfentuin

Today, 19:37 | CommentsImage: @Eftelflags

Dream flight in the Efteling is open again. This morning the popular attraction was hit by a fire. The damage was not too bad: after repairs and checks, the dark ride could be reopened to the public this afternoon around 2.40 pm.

The fire started in the Elfentuin. That is the third scene of Dream Flight, between the Wonder Forest and the Star Tunnel. There was smoke and scorch damage. No damage is visible to visitors in the carts.

The exact location of the fire has not been disclosed. According to a spokesperson, the area was about one square meter. Thanks to the efforts of employees, the situation was quickly brought under control.

Geert Wilders

Droomvlucht has been one of the most beloved parts of Efteling since it opened in 1993. The news about the fire caused panic for PVV leader Geert Wilders, who is known as a great lover of the attraction. “Horrible!”, he said on Twitter.

Corona crisis: no more odor effects in the Efteling

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