VIDEO: Education and entertainment at the ZomerVIS caravan in Dokkum

VIDEO: Education and entertainment at the ZomerVIS caravan in Dokkum

RTV NOF | Wopke Scholte

Sunday, September 03, 2023

DOKKUM – The summer holidays again brought a lot of fun thanks to the ZomerVIS caravan! This event was organized again last Saturday, this time in collaboration with HSV Dokkum, especially for children aged 8 to 14 in Dokkum.

One of the most important lessons of the day was how to properly unhook caught fish. Because just as you caught the fish, you also have to release it correctly into the water. After this fishing day there was a fishing rod with rig and a goodie bag full of information ready for everyone. So the fun of fishing didn’t have to be limited to just this Saturday.

Thanks to the Summer FISH Caravan, many children in Dokkum not only enjoyed fishing, but they also gained important knowledge about preserving the fish population. This event shows that fishing is not only a fun hobby, but can also be a responsible and sustainable activity.

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RTV NOF | Wopke Scholte

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