Video: Criticism after a left-wing demonstration in Leipzig

Criticism of the left-wing demonstration in Leipzig

One day after attacks on a police station on the sidelines of a left-wing demonstration in Leipzig, criticism from the town hall of the Saxon metropolis is loud. Mayor Jung condemned the riots. Thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday in Leipzig under the motto “We are all Linx” and #FreeLina for a defendant who is accused in a criminal trial of attacking right-wing extremists in several cases. Observers assumed that over 5,000 participants took part. The police reported of around 3000 participants. After a comparatively peaceful start of the train, there were attacks on a police station in Dimitroffstrasse in the afternoon. Bags of paint and projectiles hit the windows of the building. In addition, barricades were erected, the police used water cannons on Saturday.


There had been an attack with paint bags on a police station on the edge of the train. The police reported up to 3,500 participants on Saturday.


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