Video consultation

Save time and travel

You log in online at the agreed time using an internet-enabled device of your choice and after entering the virtual “room” you can have your doctor absolutely normal see and hear (Please note the hardware and software requirements). Should you still have to bridge the waiting time, you can do it in a relaxed manner in your living room, for example.

Your doctor is always there

The video consultation allows you to talking to her doctor from anywhere – no matter where you are, even while on vacation. All you need is a functioning internet connection with a suitable device and a suitable audio source.

The sequence

  • Request and receive an appointment.

  • Log in online at the specified date.

  • The video consultation hour begins.

What is possible?

Do you have individual questions, are there checks or follow-up appointments? You can keep these appointments very comfortably from home with the video consultation, thus making long journeys to the doctor’s practice superfluous. Images and documents can also be exchanged via the application – similar to a practice consultation.

Important to know
In the video consultation hours, doctors are not allowed to make diagnoses, but only to treat patients who have already been treated. Advice on medical topics can be provided without any problems, so that, for example, general information about a disease or the advantages and disadvantages of treatment can be conveyed by your doctor.

Since April 1, 2017, doctors from various disciplines (e.g. general practitioners and dermatologists) have had the option of caring for their patients via video consultation. In many treatment cases, the costs for the video consultation are covered by the statutory health insurance (e.g. the healing process of a wound can be checked by the attending physician during the video consultation while the patient is at home at the computer).

Is a video consultation suitable for me?

Just ask your treating doctor for an assessment.

Hardware and software requirements

Check quickly and easily whether your preferred devices meet all the necessary requirements for using the online video consultation.

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