Video: Civilian protests erupt in floods in many places in China | Floods in China | Zhuozhou, Hebei | Conflict between police and civilians

Video: Civilian protests erupt in floods in many places in China | Floods in China | Zhuozhou, Hebei | Conflict between police and civilians

[The Epoch Times, August 07, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xiao Lusheng) The recent floods in many places in China, the people have come forward to protest after discovering the official tricks. For example, villagers in Qianjin Village, Shuangcheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang discovered that the authorities were going to close the sluice gates, fearing that it would cause floods and resisted; villagers in Zhuozhou, Baoding, Hebei discovered that officials had secretly dug the west embankment of the bridge, and the two sides clashed; villagers in Bazhou City, Baoding went to the government building to protest the official whitewashing of the disaster.

On August 5, the Water Conservancy Bureau of Shuangcheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province sent people to Qianjin Township to close the sluice.

The video shows that the police dispatched armed police and special police, and the police and residents confronted each other from day to night.

The photographer said: “All the police forces in Shuangcheng District (are here).” “The police are watching here, not letting the common people look in front of them, to see if the common people can twist the Communist Party?” with…”

Many people pointed to two officials from the Water Conservancy Bureau and shouted, “Come down…”

Another video showed protests continuing into the evening. The photographer said: “It’s past 8 o’clock, and it’s not over yet. District leaders and bureau chiefs are here…the gates are about to be closed, and the common people won’t let them close, so let them watch. The gates will be closed, and the common people will be flooded If you die, the common people will all jump in and drown.”

There is also a video showing that on the evening of the 5th, some villagers jumped into the water to prevent the official from closing the sluice, and the villagers watched around. Many people shouted: “Someone jumped into the river…” Soon, many more people jumped into the water.

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People said: “People are going to die.” Another villager said that the police sprayed pepper water to drive away the people.

An official who claimed to be the deputy mayor of Shuangcheng District and the director of the Public Security Bureau told the villagers to leave, saying, “We can’t close your gates. Now you will definitely be flooded. You have to evacuate. You can’t see the water situation now.” , Definitely, I said for sure that this place will be flooded…” The villagers asked: “Evacuate, where should we evacuate?” “Evacuate to the Hall of the King of Hell! Die!”

A few days ago, floods occurred in Harbin City, Mudanjiang City and other places in Heilongjiang Province. The urban area of ​​Harbin was flooded, and Wuchang City and Shangzhi City under the jurisdiction of Harbin were flooded. The core production area of ​​”Wuchang rice” in Wuchang City was flooded, and the rice fields were facing failure. Local officials still increased the flood discharge of the upstream reservoir.

Hebei people revolted against being used as a flood storage area

Since the end of July, Beijing has been flooded, Mentougou, Fangshan and other districts in Beijing have been hit by floods, and Zhuozhou under the jurisdiction of Baoding City in Hebei has been flooded. It is widely rumored on the Internet that Zhuozhou has become a flood storage area for Beijing to discharge floodwaters to protect Beijing and Xiong’an.

Beijing is the political and economic center of the CCP, and the construction of the Xiongan New Area is the “Millennium Plan” advocated by the CCP. Wang Weiluo, a well-known land planning expert in Germany, told The Epoch Times on August 3 that in order to protect the downstream Xiong’an, the officials dug a flood storage area in Zhuozhou, Hebei, and diverted water there.

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Some people in Hebei resisted the official use of the area as a flood storage area. A video released on August 4 showed that villagers in Gaobeidian, under the jurisdiction of Baoding City, Hebei, protected the embankment overnight, when officials came to dig the embankment. The photographer said that four excavators came and prepared to dig the embankment. Villagers rushed to the scene one after another, suspected of a conflict.

A video posted on the Internet showed that in the early morning of August 2, the police forcibly released floodwaters in a village in Zhuozhou. Villagers came to protest, but were driven away by the police.

The video shooter said: “Brothers, the police are already suppressing the villagers of Xinzhuang (sound), suppressing the villagers of Xinzhuang, (the villagers) won’t let the dike break, won’t let the dike break, (but) must break the dike, brothers, Immediately break the embankment.” “The armed police and special police are all in place.”

After that, the police began to drive away the villagers guarding the embankment. The pictures posted on the Internet show, “The special police arrested the villagers and forcibly dug the flood outlet. The river instantly engulfed the entire village. It was announced to the public that the embankment had burst naturally, leaving Zhuozhou and protecting Beijing.”

In August 2023, netizens broke the news that a village in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province was forced to release flood water. (webpage Screenshot)

A video posted on the Internet shows that in the middle of the night on August 1, officials sent people to secretly dig the west embankment of the Heci Village Bridge in Baigou, Zhuozhou. Since then, this is not a flood diversion area.” “The arrow says the flood discharge area, and that port has not been opened… There is a planned flood discharge port here, why is it not opened there?” “Leader, what do you mean by stealthy digging?” The villagers at the scene spoke with A standoff ensued between the police.

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People in Bazhou, Hebei resist the official whitewashing of the disaster

In addition, people in Bazhou, Hebei Province protested in front of the government building due to the official whitewashing of the disaster.

China Central Television reported on August 4 the floods in many places in the north. When referring to the disaster situation in Bazhou, Hebei, it said that some villages were “affected by rainfall” and had “logged water” and “many people were trapped.” The firefighters conducted a “12-hour emergency Rescue”… On the same day, Bazhou netizens angrily denounced CCTV’s false reports: “We are releasing floods, not torrential rain!” and demanded “Give us Bazhou people an explanation!”

On the morning of the 5th, local villagers went to the municipal government to protest. A banner was put up at the scene: “Return my home. It is obviously caused by flood discharge, but it is said to be caused by rain!” A large number of people in black came to the scene to maintain stability, and fierce conflicts broke out with the people.

The video showed a group of men in black with police shields beating villagers. A female villager in Dongyangzhuang Village told The Epoch Times that thousands of people went to the scene. At that time, the government did not have relevant personnel to negotiate with the villagers on issues such as compensation to ordinary people.

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