Video: BMW “i Vision Circular” – “Kreiswirtschaft” as a car concept

BMW “i Vision Circular” – “Kreiswirtschaft” as a car concept

Electric anyway – but this BMW concept vehicle should be 100 percent recyclable. That’s why you won’t find a dashboard with a monitor on the “i Vision Circular”. All important data is projected onto the windshield, explained BMW design chief Domagoj Dukec. “Here in the middle there is a 3D-printed element. This serves on the one hand to show important information about the car in an artistic way. But it also serves the interaction between man and machine.” The designers have also done without chrome. The shiny effect of the heavy metal – often on the radiator grille – has been replaced by light effects – light is the new chrome, they say at BMW. According to the manufacturer, “secondary material” is mainly used for the production of the 4 meter short car. The car, in turn, is designed so that its parts can be used to manufacture a new vehicle.


More and more car manufacturers are using recycling concepts in vehicle production.

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