Video >>> Beaver swims laps in a pond in the backyard in the Maten

Video >>> Beaver swims laps in a pond in the backyard in the Maten

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CAMPS – When the cat is away… the beaver swims in the pond. Some residents of a house on the Maten looked surprised on Monday evening when they found a beaver in their pond after a weekend away. The creature seemed completely at ease swimming in circles, occasionally nibbling on a twig. The residents decided to call the animal ambulance for help.

“We received a report that a beaver was swimming in the pond,” says Mitchell Boswijk of the animal ambulance. “At first we thought it might be a muskrat. They are sometimes seen in this area, but it turned out to be a real beaver.”

After this was determined, the employees had to see what they were going to do with the beaver. “It is a protected species after all, but in the end we, together with a colleague, removed it from the pond with a scoop net. Then we released him at the Reevediep.”

Beavers are increasingly spotted in the area around the IJssel. De Brug also received a photo of a beaver in 2022. But this one swam in the IJssel itself. There are no known reports of beavers in people’s backyards. Quite a few otters have already been spotted in Kampen, especially in the vicinity of De Silene.

Several groups of beavers have been living in Zwolle since 2008. The animals have burrows in four places: in the floodplains near the Engels Werk, in the Oldeneler Buitenwaarden, near Harculo and near Windesheim.

The beaver is a diurnal animal, but in areas where it is regularly disturbed it is mainly active at night. In undisturbed areas it is mainly seen in the morning. The beaver has a very extensive, but strictly vegetarian menu.

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