(VIDEO) “Barcelona stopped being a circus … I love what we have designed”


Carlos Alfaro Moreno, president of Barcelona Sporting Club, spoke with colleagues from DIRECTV SPORTS about Fabián Bustos. Do the yellows plan to renew the strategist for 2022?

«We are going to play a semifinal and you think I am going to say if there is little chance of renewing (laughs). We have had a good project, I love what we have designed. Barcelona is no longer a circus, it is serious and orderly. Some will not like it, but everything has been handled in order, “said ‘El Beto’.

And later, the ‘bullfighter’ leader added: «We are talking with a person that Fabián asked us to do. We have talked about his contract, the offer he received from Brazil and rejected. We do want to continue with him.

«And it is obvious that if we go far, the offers will reach him; it is part of destiny. But if you ask me, I don’t think the project should be interrupted. We will fight to sustain it, but we are also clear about our budget, “declared Bustos.

Note from: Victor Loor Bonilla



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