Video: Aston Martin is very fond of Bond. James Bond …

Aston Martin is heading into the upcoming premiere of the new James Bond movie, in which the role of 007 was last played by Daniel Craig.

In the new video dedicated to the new Bond series, the Aston Martin team, and the cars produced by the company of the same name, there are frames not only from “No Time to Die”, but also from earlier films of different years, and it all begins with a wonderful scene from ” 007: Coordinates of Skyfall.

If you remember, Bond had to urgently take M, the head of the British secret service Mi-6, out of London, and he is going to use a proven vehicle – a thoroughly “modified” Aston Martin.

“Of course, hiding here is your brilliant plan?” – M. grumbles.

“We’re just changing cars,” Bond explains patiently and opens the garage door …

Then see for yourself. Unless it is possible to translate the following remark of M, filled with skepticism: “Well, yes, I suppose, this is a completely inconspicuous machine …”


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