Video – Arturo Coello’s “perfect” smash

Video – Arturo Coello’s “perfect” smash

Arturo Coello, from the top of his 90 meter, is a player who excels in powerful smashes. When the No. 1 in the WPT rankings lets go, there’s usually not much for the defenders to do. The proof with the 13th title of the Coello/Tapia pair this season.

And this weekend in Mendoza, the native of Valladolid did send an impossible to defend smash for Fernando Belasteguin, but in a style a little different from usual…

Indeed, by wanting to go for a ball very high, Arturo completely wooded his shot and transformed his smash into a retro drop that rocketed towards the net. Bela tried his best sprint, but the “Boss” couldn’t touch the ball!

The kind of lucky move that usually drives your opponents crazy!

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