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Video: André van Duin: freedom cannot be taken for granted

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André van Duin expressed his gratitude during the National Commemoration on Dam Square in Amsterdam for being able to live in freedom.

Despite the corona measures, we are celebrating our freedom, he said in a speech. “Me too. But I do so in the belief that I too am responsible for passing on that freedom of ours to the new generation. Because, it has often been said, freedom cannot be taken for granted. ”

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The presenter and comedian, born in 1947, grew up among the ruins of Rotterdam, which was bombed during the Second World War. He told about his father, who was arrested during the war and deported by train to Germany. “What exactly he did there and what hardships he had to endure, he never told anything about it. Whenever I asked about it, he always said, “You don’t want to know, boy.” He survived. But you shouldn’t ask how. ”


According to Van Duin, there was hardly any discussion at home about the war. He didn’t hear about it until elementary school. “How many deaths, hundreds of thousands of deaths.”

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Van Duin has been living in Amsterdam for over thirty years now and normally commemorates at the Homomonument on the Westermarkt. “The fact that we are the first in the world to have such a monument in the Netherlands since 1987, marks our freedom. The freedom that everyone can be themselves here. Without anyone else saying anything about it. The Dutch constitution breathes tolerance and tolerance. You can generally do whatever you want and say whatever you want here. You’re free here. Free with the war as the negative, from the color picture of peace. ”

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Due to the cold and bad weather, Van Duin had prepared himself extra well. For example, he had his speech plasticized in case it would rain and he had an electric body warmer on to keep himself warm, he said earlier on Tuesday. NPO Radio 2.


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