Video.. Activists and officials of Palestinian communities in the Netherlands launch the “Freedom_for_Amin” campaign

Video.. Activists and officials of Palestinian communities in the Netherlands launch the “Freedom_for_Amin” campaign

Amsterdam – Quds Press

August 25, 2023 6:03 PM

In the Netherlands, the “#Freedom_for_Amin” campaign was launched, at the invitation of Dutch and Palestinian activists, to demand the immediate release of the Palestinian activist and head of the “Palestinians in Europe Conference” (independent), Amin Abu Rashid, who has been detained by the Dutch authorities for 60 days.

On this occasion, Quds Press met today, Friday, with a number of activists and officials of Palestinian communities in the Netherlands, to talk about this campaign, and about solidarity with Abu Rashid, who holds Dutch citizenship and is known for his humanitarian activities for the Palestinian cause.

Where the Secretary-General of the “Palestinian community” in the Netherlands, Ahmed Sukaneyah, said that, through this campaign, we are working to “uncover the details of this issue, and support Abu Rashid in the next stage, and we will be part of this campaign and stand with it.”

Sakina also announced, “A group of activities will be organized very soon under the title Freedom for Amin Abu Rashid, especially with the deterioration of his health condition, as confirmed by his family.”

Sukaina called for the speedy release of Abu Rashid, and “not to continue this wrong procedure by the Dutch authorities, unjustly, but under pressure from the Israeli entity.”

For his part, the Secretary of the “Palestinian Democratic Gathering” in the Netherlands, Yasser Tamim, confirmed that “Abu Rashid and all the institutions with which he worked support all the Palestinian people, at home and in the diaspora, and we will be against the slanderous campaign directed against him.”

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As for the Palestinian activist Abu Tareq Jalbout, he stressed, in turn, that “the detention is not only for Amin Abu Rashid, but for every Palestinian, and it is the duty of every Palestinian and every free person to stand with Amin, and support campaigns in solidarity with him.”


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