#VCF | Valencia’s investment in transfers can exceed 40 million

VALENCIA. Valencia’s investment in transfers can exceed 40 million. The club closed the market with the purchase of two footballers and four assignments. Valencia’s current investment in the Bordalás project is 11.4 million euros after acquiring ownership of Marcos André (8.5) and Foulquier (2.6), an amount that can exceed 40 if Valencia ends up opting for execute all the purchase options that you have set until the end of the season.

Giorgi Mamardashvili

The next investment will be to buy Giorgi Mamardashvili. The club’s sports management, made up of the president, Anil Murthy, and the football director, Miguel Ángel Corona, made the decision to execute the Georgian’s purchase option as soon as LaLiga started, as reported by Plaza Deportiva in mid-August. .

The black and white leadership, finally, will make effective the acquisition of the player in Two payments. The first before January 1 and the second before July 1. The total price, to be paid in these two installments, is 850.000 euros. Buying under this formula from ‘Mama’ is cheaper than making a full payment before July 1, 2022, since in that case the amount would amount to touch the million euros, as this newspaper published. Mamardashvili will be owned one hundred percent by the bat club as of July 1, 2022. It will sign for the next three seasons, that is, until 2025.

Omar alderete

Bordalás’ insistence on the Paraguayan center-back was firm from the start of the market. He was the first to arrive and Valencia managed to bring the player on loan. However, the operation was closed with a purchase option of 7.5 million euros that is conditional. In other words, Valencia will have to buy Omar Alderete if the central defender plays a certain number of games or if the team ends up entering European competition.

Hugo Duro

A signing that hopes to vindicate itself with Bordalás. Valencia paid Getafe 250,000 euros for the transfer of the 21-year-old attacker and has saved a purchase option of four million euros. It will be difficult to win a place with Maxi Gómez, Guedes and Marcos André ahead, but if a good year sets in, Valencia can secure its future.

Hélder Costa

A ‘lightning’ operation with the stamp of Jorge Mendes. Valencia and Leeds managed to close the loan of the Portuguese winger at the last gasp. The 27-year-old footballer has a high salary that Valencia shares with Leeds. The English team revealed in its statement that a purchase option had been included in the assignment contract. As reported by the program Sports Tribune, Valencia can stay in property if it pays a purchase option that is around 18-20 million.

Variables by Foulquier and Marcos André

Valencia also set a series of variables in the purchase of Dimitri Foulquier and Marcos André. Valencia paid Granada a total of 2.6 million and the figure can rise to 3.2 if a series of objectives are achieved. Marcos André is in the same situation. Valencia included 1.5 million in variables in the operation with Valladolid, which saved 10% of a future sale of the Brazilian forward.


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