Vatican Denies Pope Francis Questioning Torah’s Validity


ROMAVatican has rejected criticism from Israel’s senior rabbis for Pope Francis’ statements about the Jewish scriptures.

According to the Vatican, the Pope does not question his continued validity for Jews today.

Last month, Reuters Rabbi Rasson Arousi, who is in charge of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate’s relationship with the Vatican, had written a stern letter to the Vatican when he said Pope Francis’ comments at his general audience on Aug. 11 appeared to show the Torah, or Jewish law, was outdated.

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The Vatican’s official response said the pope’s comments in the homily on St Paul’s writings should not be extrapolated from the context of ancient times and have nothing to do with Jews today.

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“The persistent Christian belief is that Jesus Christ is the new way of salvation. However, this does not mean that the Torah is reduced or no longer recognized as ‘the way of salvation for the Jewish people’,” wrote Cardinal Kurt Koch, of the Vatican’s department of religious relations with the faithful. Jewish.

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“In his catechesis, the Holy Father makes no mention of modern Judaism; his speech is a reflection of (St Paul’s) theology in the historical context of a particular era,” Koch wrote.


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