Vasco Rossi sex during the live and the video is already viral

Vasco Rossi sex during the live and the video is already viral

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Vasco Rossi sex during live but the protagonist is not the singer of Zocca in these weeks on Netflix with a documentary. If in the past it was the rock stars who created confusion and scandal, now the artists are the gentler part of show business. Those to keep an eye on are the fans themselves, armed with a desire to have fun but also with mobile phones and tablets that make it very (too) easy to share content that should be censored and instead escape the shears. And so, while the national Blasco, perhaps at the last tour by his admission, closed his 2023 stadium tour with two concerts in Salerno, a cup let itself go a little too blatantly to passion. Another fan, guilty of excessive voyeurism, noticed the incandescent effusions and filmed the two young men engaged in the sexual act on the side steps of the Arechi with his cell phone. The video was then posted on TikTok and is making the rounds on the Net.

Vasco Rossi sex during the live: the video on TikTok

When a song “arrives” it is because it touches something true in the listener. And so it happened with the Vasco’s song “Rewind” the text of which reads as follows:

“I would like to possess you / On the armchair of my house / With the rewind!”

Strong lyrics probably taken literally by the two boys who have not been able to hold back and who have hopelessly abandoned themselves to public effusions. Inevitable in a country with a high dose of bigotry that the action of love has risen to the headlines through Tik Tok. The platform immediately proceeded to remove the video, since it does not respect the rules in force on the social network, but it was late. The scene had already made the rounds on the web, and was reposted by multiple users on Tik Tok itself and on other social networks.

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The closing of the tour

Sex aside, almost 70,000 fans had come to see Vasco Rossi in Salerno in two evenings, as the icing on a cake that was the closure of a triumphant tour in which the rocker sold a total of 450,000 tickets in 11 appointments, from Rimini to Bologna, from Rome to Palermo. Regarding this event the musician of “Alba Chiara” and “Coca Cola” he expressed himself thus:

“It’s the tour of true rebirth. Finally we’re really ready, we rode in with our first return to live shows last year and now we’re trained to run fast. With my people we share a road together, we walk it together. This year the motorway fortunately made me exit at Rimini, Romeo Neri stadium, where we brought a little joy to Emilia Romagna, my land so smiling and wounded, it was a pride for me, Emilia Romagna will be reborn.”

And who knows, maybe some new life will not be born from that sex during Vasco Rossi’s live. When there is love, everything is there. When Rossi is there, anything can happen. Word of the fans who have followed him with almost religious devotion for three generations now.


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