Variety of Carbohydrate Sources That Do Not Harm Blood Pressure

TEMPO.CO, JakartaCarbohydrate Healthy foods can help improve nutrition and help maintain healthy blood pressure. Instead of being carb-free, choosing foods that contain plant-based carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can lower blood pressure naturally.

On the other hand, too much added sugar from foods such as sugary drinks is associated with blood pressure and a higher risk of hypertension. There are specific options that offer unique benefits and incorporate some good carbohydrates into your diet. Here are seven carbohydrates that can be consumed for better blood pressure Eating Well.

Bananas are among the best carbohydrate-rich foods to support healthy blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends adults with blood pressure above 120/80 increase their dietary potassium intake with bananas.

Nuts are a plant-based food that offers several natural carbohydrates alongside plant-based protein and many vitamins and minerals, including magnesium which supports healthy blood pressure. Soluble and insoluble fiber, including the resistant starch naturally found in beans, can help support blood pressure control.

yogurt illustration.

Yogurt has become food popular with gut health advocates thanks to live, active bacteria that can help maintain a balanced microbiome. Yogurt is so much more than just milk that it contains probiotics. The probiotics found in yogurt may play a separate role in reducing blood pressure.

Dates can be the perfect solution for those who want to satisfy their sweet taste without added sugar thanks to the naturally sweet caramel flavor of this fruit. As a bonus, eating this fruit can support healthy blood pressure. Among the fiber, potassium and magnesium available, dates are a natural addition to a heart-healthy diet.

Whole grains like oats are a better choice for supporting healthy blood pressure when it comes to grain choices. These foods have the advantage of containing more abundant and diverse nutrients with potential health benefits, including vitamins, fiber, and minerals, than refined grains.

Illustration of bluberry smoothie.

Adding a bowl of blueberries to your daily diet does more than just offer a flavorful boost without the added sugar. Eating about a bowl of wild blueberries daily can help reduce systolic blood pressure. Blueberries contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals that can help support heart health and overall health.

Orange juice
A glass of 100 percent orange juice is a natural source of potassium. Citrus fruits contain an antioxidant called hesperidin. These antioxidants can play a role in supporting heart health in a number of ways. Sip a cranberry orange smoothie or tea earl grey oranges can provide a delicious addition of hesperidin.

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