Valorant Releases New Updates with ZEDD

[월드투데이 김가현 기자] Riot Games’ FPS game ‘Valorant’ will update Episode 3 – Act 2 on September 9th.

In this update, a new weapon skin ‘Spectrum’ and a battle pass are added along with the new map ‘Fracture’.

The seventh map fracture of Valorant is a unique space in which the environmental contrast between the deserted facility (point A) and the science facility in the forest (point B) is centered around the arrangement of the H-shaped features.

Valorant’s new map ‘Fracture’ [사진 = 라이엇 게임즈 제공]

The development team worked hard to plant a variety of narratives within Fracture. The creative director of Valorant said, “Through the collapsing collider in the center of the map and the contrasting environment on both sides, players are asked questions about the events that took place here, and the core of the Valorant narrative, ‘The Current Earth’ and ‘Twin Earth’ “I tried to get a lot of attention,” he said.

This fracture map can be enjoyed through Fracture-only normal battles for two weeks after the start of Act 2, and will be applied to basic general and competitive matches after that.

As a new weapon skin, the collaboration skin ‘Spectrum’ will be introduced through collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist ‘Zedd’. The point of the spectrum is that the visual effects and highlight colors continue to change depending on the movement, the location of the final trigger, and whether or not a bomb is installed.

Valorant's new gun skin 'Spectrum' [사진 = 라이엇 게임즈 제공]
Valorant’s new gun skin ‘Spectrum’ [사진 = 라이엇 게임즈 제공]

Valorant Senior Producer said, “This is the most ambitious and complex skin series I’ve ever made. We worked hard to create a sound-focused gun. We hope that many players will experience the exciting sound and visual effects of being in a club through the Spectrum skin. “He said.

A new battle pass will also be introduced. With this Act 2 Battle Pass, players can get an Artisan Ghost weapon skin, 2 gun decorations, a spray and 1 card for free without purchasing any additional items. In addition, when purchasing a paid pass, you can acquire 5 weapon skins including Phantom, Vandal, and Operator skins, ‘Follow Me’ gun decorations, new sprays and 1 type of card.

More information about the Episode 3 – Act 2 update can be found on the official Valorant website and YouTube channel.


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