Valérie Pécresse in Chartres: “The right cannot lose the presidential election, it is as if it was the last motorway exit …”

“We are not sure that with a woman president, it will work. But what is certain is that all the boys before have failed! So if in doubt, let’s try! […] I am convinced that we must give the orders to a woman and not get the wrong woman! », Launches Jean-Pierre Gorges, while applause accompanies his sentence.

An invitation

In front of a hundred people, this Friday, September 10, the mayor of Chartres and president of Chartres Métropole drew a dithyrambic portrait of Valérie Pécresse (Free movement!), The ideal candidate, in his eyes, “to put France back on track “. It is he who invited the contender for the investiture of the right and the center, to this meeting with the Chartrains

who no longer need to be convinced, and a few elected officials.

A reformer

The one who presents herself as a reformer has no doubts: she has the makings to take back the destiny of the country in hand, with her experience at the head of the Île-de-France region, “a budget of 17 billion and a consequent mass of problems ”.

Valérie Pécresse to meet elected officials this afternoon in Chartres

Restore order

She detailed her project for the country based on the triptych “authority, freedom, dignity”. She cites a constitutional law to stop the abuses of uncontrolled immigration; the fight against Islamization – “we have to adapt to our laws but it is not up to our laws to adapt to religion”; “Debureaucratization and the reduction of standards” to become an innovation company again; state reform …

A stake for the right

The candidate says she has put education at the heart of her project; promises to put an end to “France of queues and rights of way”; proposes an increase in net wages to make work attractive; speaks without taboo of a retirement at 65 and claims his interest in family policy …And to warn his audience: “If we continue like this, France will no longer be France!” “While warning the right:” We cannot lose this election of 2022, it is as if it was the last motorway exit … “

Valérie Pécresse had already come to Dreux on July 30.



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