Valencia wants to stay with Samuel Lino

Atlético de Madrid accepted the transfer of Samuel Lino to Valencia this past market, what they did not expect was that the attacker would offer a performance like the one he is providing under Gattuso’s orders.

It is for this reason that the team from the Turia capital wants to sit down with the Atlético sports management to either extend the transfer of the winger or to proceed with his definitive contracting.

Lino is undoubtedly one of Valencia’s best bets in recent years, and that is reflected on the pitch, where the rojiblanco player is being decisive with his continuous attacks down the left wing.

At 22 years old, the Brazilian still has a long way to go and without a place at Atlético, I would bet on continuing at Mestalla. Atlético paid €6.5M back in the day for his move to Gil Vicente, so Valencia will have to at least match that figure to try to close their purchase. The option that he wins integers is the extension of the loan for one more season.


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