VALENCIA CF | Bordalás has Gayà, Soler and Cheryshev for the Camp Nou

Valencia will return tomorrow to work after three days off. It will do so from 10:15 am and the news will be José Gayà, Carlos Soler and Denis Cheryshev. All three, injured several weeks ago, already joined some exercises with the rest last week but from today the coaching staff expects there to be three more in the collective work. In fact, the three of them worked on their set-up last Friday, when his companions were off the day; and they underwent physiotherapy treatment on Saturday, in Paterna.

Photo of Gayá

The goal was to be at the Camp Nou, after the break, and unless there are setbacks in this week of training, they will get it. Bordalás has them for the visit to Barcelona what will be a breath of fresh air after several weeks in which the team was depleted by the lack of two of the captains and an indisputable headline like the Russian one.

Photo by Carlos Soler

Photo de Cheryshev

The main doubt all week long will remain Thierry Rendall. The Portuguese still suffers from discomfort in the hip area and until the pain subsides, you will not be able to join the group normally. In the locker room they are optimistic that, this week, he can have less pain and can enter the list to travel to Barcelona.


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