Valencia-Athletic | Copa del Rey: Nobody deserves it more than Bordals

Salways in the eye of the hurricane, always with the anti-football poster hanging, always criticized. What you have had to put up with Bordals in recent years he hasn’t had a name, that’s why no one more than him deserves to celebrate qualifying for the Copa del Rey final in a big way. His first final, if we remove the final phase of promotion to First Division with Getafe.

Bordals also sneaks into the final, through the most difficult square. Valencia has been in chaos for many years, but the coach from Alicante has once again shown that many things can be done with method and work. His rival in these semifinals, Marcelino, also achieved it in Mestalla. For the good of Valencia, that they don’t end up the same if he wins the title and that they let him work in peace, if that exists in Valencia Lim.

Copa del Rey (semis, second leg): Summary and goal of Valencia 1-0 Athletic

The game was unbalanced by Guedes, who little by little returns to resemble the football that dazzled in its beginnings. His kick was spectacular, like his game. The Athletic, good. Not a reproach for those of Marcelino, which also had their chances. In the failure by Williams, surely, was the difference.

Goal by Guedes (1-0) in Valencia 1-0 Athletic

What a Guedes shot

The Portuguese began to tip the balance on the local side with genius on the brink of rest. A shot from 30 meters surprised Agirrezabala, who flew towards the post but did not even touch the shot of the Portuguese, who this season is beginning to recover his level. His shot was a perfect execution.

Gay retired injured in the first half

Gay was pained in the soul to leave the field

The Valencia captain arrived at the game touched, but forced. The player and the coach believed that he was the day to do it, but it was once again demonstrated that miracles do not exist with muscular injuries. And less in such demanding matches. After half an hour he was already leaving the field of play. Lato entered in his place, who is not Gay, of course, but he was healthy. And a healthy player always contributes much more than one who is not. It pained the Valencia captain to leave the Mestalla boiler so soon.

Iaki Williams had it against Mamardashvili to overtake Athletic

Iaki had it

Just before Guedes’ goal, he had it Iaki Williams. Extraordinary assistance from Iker Munian and to the front of Athletic, alone before the goalkeeper, it was done at night. He got mixed up between cuts and feints and when he wanted to shoot it was already too late. The occasion went to limbo, which is what did not happen with Guedes, which was not even an occasion, but whoever has a goal, has a goal…

Bryan Gil, it’s good that you’re back!

The return of Bryan Gil LaLiga is one of the best news that the winter market has left us. Valencia has been reinforced with a great player who can be much more if he learns to be more decisive. Gil unbalances, shakes, but the pause is missing. He has time to progress.


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