Valence. Gold and bronze at the France roller skating marathon

A small delegation from Valence-d’Agen Roller 2 Rives took part, on August 29, in the French championship of the year 2020-21, after the first two, road and track, organized in Valence-d’Agen, at the beginning of July .

The French marathon championship, reserved for the junior to veteran categories, took place in Louhans, near Chalon-sur-Saône, on a semi-urban circuit of 3 kilometers almost flat with a new coating but with a short but severe climb. . A real breaker for a change of pace or trying to get started!

Veterans in the spotlight

Five Valencians had made this long trip of 600 km.

In veterans 1, Robin Duez won. Tireless, Robin put on his cast skates a little later to earn another victory in the half marathon and a second place in the veterans scratch time. Jean-Marie Coustès returned to Valence-d’Agen with a bronze medal in veterans 3. There were three entered in seniors. Haila Brunet-Alvarez came up against the fourth step in the final race. It was a bit the same misadventure for Victor Aertz and Elton de Souza who tried to extricate themselves from the peloton, in vain. You really had to be very, very strong to make a breakaway. The good visibility due to the long straights annihilated any attempt to get away fairly quickly. Victor was ranked 10th (12th overall) and Elton de Souza 13th (17th overall). The overall record is satisfactory and comes on top of the seven national titles and thirteen medals in July. It will also raise the VAR2R even further in the national ranking by club at the end of the season.

French club cup this weekend

Seven skaters from Valence-d’Agen Roller 2 Rives will travel a little further (800 km), in Saint-Pierre-les-Elbeuf (near Rouen), on September 11 and 12, for the first day of the Cup de France club speed 2021-22. In addition to the three seniors present at Louhans, Léa Roland, Chloé Moulis, Mathéo Kervoelen and Gwendal Le Pivert. We wish them a competition with good weather conditions. The rain makes racing on the track impossible.

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